Joel Barkin began designing and building at the age of three when he was given his first Lego set. By the time he finished his undergraduate degree, he had retired from Lego, but he remained passionate about his first “career”.

So in 2009, he moved to Maine to study furniture design at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. After graduating, he moved back to his home in Toronto and established his custom furniture company Joeldidthis Custom Furniture Ltd. in 2010.

Joel is a woodworker, with years of carpentry experience. He is also a concrete technician and designer, and skilled cabinetmaker. He also enjoys the challenge of breathing new life into old discarded objects, using non-conventional materials, and creating objects d’art that challenge the conventional notions of design.

But ultimately he just loves working with hands and takes pride in creating heritage-quality furniture, built-ins and one-of-a-kind pieces.


Contact Joel about commissions or with general inquiries: curious@joeldidthis.com

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